Employee Spotlight

Universal Painting Corporation acknowledges a valuable employee each quarter – We appreciate the effort and the time each employee puts into their job. Those nominated demonstrates great enthusiasm to learn and grow professionally. Each candidate is judged by:

Attitude and Commitment

· Dedicated to fulfilling job responsibilities

· Good Customer Skills

· Consistently dependable and is punctual in

  reporting to work

· Goes above and beyond the requirements

 of the job

Interpersonal Skills

· Displays a helpful, cooperative and positive

  attitude towards superiors and co-workers

· Consistently friendly and available to others

· Has a Team Player Attitude

· Uses Effective listening skills

· Work Performance

Work Performance

· Accurately completes work assignments on time

· Takes initiative

· Requires little supervision

· Willingness to learn and take on New


Personal Traits

· Professional demeanor
· Conscientious, honest, hard working

3rd Quarter 2018 Team Member Winner Announced!

We are pleased to announce David W. as the recent winner of Employee of the Quarter. With a high recommendation from his Area Manager, Dave B and an unanimous positive voting of “YES” by the committee, David has proven “Hard Work Does Pay Off.” As an employee since August 2016 he demonstrates a positive attitude, willingness to learn, follows safety measures and enthusiastically travels from his home region of North Carolina to work the Washington DC area, West Virginia and Virginia at a moment’s notice. We are pleased to see him grow and learn within our organization and “thank him for efforts.” Check out your paycheck and see how “Hard Work Pays Off” Congratulations David !!!

2nd Quarter 2017 award winners!!


Universal Painting recognizes two employees for outstanding service. Kevin from the DC Area, was awarded for being a strong leader, exhibiting consistent work performance in the areas of team building, dedicated to high standards relating to safety measures, being consistent with educating and training new hires, dedicated to fulfilling job responsibilities, dependable and exhibiting strong leadership skills to his crews and our customers. As a 3 year employee with Universal we are proud and pleased to award Kevin with this award.
Great Job Kevin!


A rare instance, by Universal Painting President, John Aldrich requests a “Runner up” for employee spotlight 2nd Quarter 2017.
Giovanni, employed with UPC for 12 years, receives recognition for his hard work and dedication to his job. Never refusing to “go where the work is” Giovanni has displayed a consistent positive attitude to his co-workers and his supervisors, goes above and beyond the requirements of his job and has been beneficial on locating team members and training them. We thank Giovanni for being such a strong role model. Congratulations Giovanni.

3rd Quarter 2017 Award Winner!

Please help us congratulate our newest UPC Employee of the 3rd Quarter 2017
– Jose

We would like to thank this outstanding employee for his dedication and hard work. Jose has been working with us since 2006 based out of our Atlanta office but travels and works, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia water and waste water projects. Jose receives a cash award of a 40 hours base pay.

Jose has supported the mission, vision, vales and goals of UPC by exhibiting great work ethic, team player attitude and provides exceptional jobsite safety standards while directing and supervising his crews. Good Work Jose!!

4th Quarter 2017 Winner Announced

Congratulations Bill!!!

A newly hired Florida area employee (approximately six months) has really shown dedication and good work ethic,  surpassing expectations in practicing safety protocol,  meeting production schedules and willingness with a “smile” to get the job done right!  The experience he brings to UPC is an asset. Good Work Bill!