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Universal Painting Corp. (UPC) And Epoxytec Intl, Inc


Universal Painting Corp. (UPC) and Epoxytec Intl, Inc. have formed a partnership that will benefit all municipalities in all the markets we serve. Epoxytec lists Universal Painting Corp as a Preferred applicator for all systems including but not limited to CPP Sprayliner. Epoxytec has established themselves in the water and wastewater market with high quality coatings for new and existing applications in structures that require either NSF certification or areas of high hydrogen sulfide content +800 ppm. These quality coatings match well with the skill and expertise of Universal Painting Corp., as UPC has demonstrated to be a leader in the Water/Wastewater Industry in the South East United states for over 30 years. The relationship shall help protect our municipality's' valuable infrastructure for decades to come matching an extraordinary product with our unparalleled skilled workmanship. UPC's preferred applicator relationship applies to all markets, Florida, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, D.C., Delaware, West Virginia.